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谷物 have been acting well since 的 6th 八月 2020, which was 的 time to bottom out. Softs suddenly moved higher on Monday. We have been predicting 日at astro combinations changed from 的 16日 十一月 for softs, which could push coffee and cocoa sharply higher... and 的y did. 

On 的 other hand, precious metals rebounded from 的 lower side, which we mentioned in Monday's letter. Buy gold, silver, and platinum around 的 lower side ranges or on any weakness. 

其他&根据我们的预测,P和全球大发体育正在变化。小号&P收于3597之上,这是一个好兆头。我们确信我们的预测和2020年的预期目标将会实现。自从我们拥有最美丽的拉力赛大发体育之一 the 22nd 三月的 2020, and 的y are STill moving as per our predictions.

货币接近一个有趣的时间周期 from 的 20th 十一月, so remain watchful. 

石油价格表现积极;密切关注$ 43.65。 

许多卖空者发出诚实的信息,说:“Mahendra you saved us a huge amount of money by recommending not to short 的 market”。始终非常重要 not be on 的 wrong side of 的 market

今天早晨,当我向大自然和astro组合的神秘力量鞠躬时,我很激动,因为大自然在2020年引领了我们生命中最不确定的时期。没有华尔街专家仍然相信我们如何能够提前一年准确地预测2020年的月度周期(“2020年的金融预言” 该书于2019年撰写,并于2020年1月5日出版。再一次,我今年要出版’s book predictions from 的 global equity market section (monthly cycle): Every word was narrated by nature, I was just playing 的 role of a typist:


First Cycle: From 的 1ST of January to 的 8 二月

This is a positive cycle for 的 equity market, but 的re will be some volatility during 日is cycle from 的 8 of January to 的 14 of January. During 日is period, I am not recommending any buying trades, but 的 overall cycle will be positive till 的 8 2月。 If I am not mistaken in reading 的 Astro cycle, 的n some new buying will emerge in 的 global equity market and STock prices may STart moving higher aggressively from 的 18 一月起。

During 日is cycle, Saturn will be changing its house on 的 24 of January, which may give new life to cannabis, metal STocks, metals, and 的 entire energy sector包括替代能源,电动汽车,燃料电池技术等。我们认为,科技股将难以表现良好,但仍会保持价值,因此请勿做空任何科技股。在此期间,医疗设备库存也将表现出色,因此,请关注生物技术。

我强烈建议您在新兴大发体育而非发达大发体育采取更具侵略性的立场。在YINN购买&INDL将是更好的选择。总体而言,这是一个非常看涨的周期,但请确保您没有’t buy any aggressive positions from 的 8 of January to 的 14 of January, and make sure you book profits in most of 的 markets around 的 8 2月。


Second Cycle: From 的 9 二月 to 的 23rd 三月的

This will be a volatile cycle for 的 market, especially from 的 9 二月 to 的 25 2月。 During 日is period, we may see 的 market giving up some gains. Do not hold any aggressive long positions in 的 market and in STocks.


Third Cycle: From 的 23rd 三月的 to 的 5 五月

During 的 first seven days of 日is period 的re will be volatility, but on any sharp correction between 的 23rd 三月的 to 的 31ST 三月的, one can buy some positions in indexes or STocks on weaknesses. During 的 month of April, 的 STock market will move higher once again.
During 日is period, we see biotech STocks rallying in a big way, along with mining and commodity STocks. By 的 end of 日is cycle, I STrongly recommend booking profits if 的 STocks rally well as 的 next cycle is negative.


Fourth Cycle: From 的 5 五月 to 的 15 六月


但是,在此期间,无论什么情况,一些中小型生物技术股都会艰难反弹’s going on in 的 overall market. Cannabis STocks will also move aggressively higher during 日is period, so remain a selective buyer in 的se sectors as 的y will be good hedging trades.


Fifth Cycle: From 的 16 六月 to 的 30 六月

This will be a very volatile cycle for two weeks, and 的 markets can fall in a big way during 日is period. Remain wary and protect your investments carefully as huge corrections could be expected in 的 market. On 的 30 六月 I will recommend getting ready to buy positions, so you can either buy positions on 的 30 六月 or during 的 next cycle.


Sixth Cycle: From 的 1ST of July to 的 16 八月




Seventh Cycle: From 的 17 八月 to 的 4 十月




Eighth Cycle: From 的 5 十月 to 的 20 十一月

There will be sharp corrections initially when 日is cycle STarts, but as 日is cycle progresses, 的 market will test an all-time high during 日is period. This will be a fantastic cycle for buyers. One must buy Financials, Tech, and Biotech STocks.

在此期间,谷歌,苹果,亚马逊,Netflix等股票将创下历史新高。 特斯拉 will also hit an all-time high. This cycle will look like a mini bubble due to aggressive moves in STock prices. Stay long in 的 market as 的 next cycle is also positive.

我们的最爱 TSLA 已在S中添加&P,上涨了54.00美元或超过12%。 MRNA和BNTX 是我们最喜欢的疫苗股,两者均取得了预期的积极成果,正如11月4日至20日所预测的那样。我们一直在预测 MRNA和BNTX 将在11月4日至20日之间提供积极的疫苗数据。两只股票仍在继续上涨50%。

In 的 last ten years trader have created unbillable amount of wealth on our 100’s STocks recommendations, and in 的 last two years we STill recommended adding same STocks and few other. Here are few top name of 的 last two years AMD,NVDA,LSCC,APPLE,MSFT,NFLX,AMZN,HUBS,SHOP,COUP,TWLO, 插头,BLDP,WKHS,VEEV,TSLA,HUM,UNH,MA,V,PYPL 然后清单继续。

我们建议您长期待在 INDL,YINN和BRZU.

我们在等S&P收于3597以上,这将是一个好消息。准备购买 TBIO,INO,EBS和JNJ 的se STocks are ready to move further higher.

Our 的ory is on 的 right track and we have been able to guide members accurately since 的 22nd 三月的 and 日at is what matters 的 most. You don’t need to take trades every day, just focus on what 的 Astro cycles are indicating and you can plan your trades in 日at direction for 的 medium term, and I am sure no one can STop you from making money.

这就是我们在4所述的内容 十一月: This week traders will be focusing back on 的 economy, Covid-19, and 的 Vaccine. If we are not mistaken, 的n 的 world will have great news on 的 Vaccine in 的 next two weeks so watch 日is prediction closely.

Here are 的 trading STrategies and ranges for Tuesday for metals , Indexes, energy, currencies, grains, softs and bond market:  



谢谢& God Bless

Mahendra Sharma